Original Compositions

Musical Creations

The following is a compilation of original compositions that I have completed over the past few years. Some were created as a part of a larger dramatic context (theater production, film, etc.) and some stand alone.



"Tangle" was created as part of a class in composition for dance, part of the MFA Sound Design program at UC Irvine. The piece was created as a response to an arbitrary set of instructions from a make-believe "choreographer". In this case, I was asked to compose a piece that illustrates subtle, somewhat playful tension between two entities that shifts to a darker tone after a particular event.

Lust for Life


A pop track created for a montage in a student film entitled The Night Out , directed by Andrew Glor.

Hotel Escape


Underscore created for a student film entitled The Night Out , directed by Andrew Glor.

The Jump


An experimental piece I created for Composition 526, a free-form project-based electronic music class at the University of Michigan School of Music. Professor Erik Santos gave the class the freedom to create whatever we pleased. The composers would then take turns bringing in works-in-progress for the class to complete. I created this piece in response to stunning video footage of a high-altitude sky dive that I came across.