Sound Re-Design: Mission Impossible III

Video content © Paramount Pictures. I do not own any of the aforementioned content. Used under fair-use, as part of a project for an institution of higher learning (the University of Michigan).

"Sound Re-Design: Mission Impossible III"

Sound Design, Mix: Matt Glenn
Additional Effects: Jesse Thomson (link)

This project challenged me and Jesse to wipe the sound from this clip from Mission Impossible III and recreate the audio experience. We had free reign to impose upon the clip any tone or perspective. We chose to highlight the chaos, aggression and destructive power of this particular attack scene.

We discovered that this scene demandes a heightened reality to the sound design. Simply mixing in realistic effects did not provide the emotional power needed. I layered in processed samples of sounds that we consider aggressive and menacing — the call of a hawk and a tiger roar, to name a couple — and saturated the effects with soft-clip distortion and aggressive compression to give the sound pallete a somewhat gritty character.