A Midsummer Nights Dream


Photos © Paul Kennedy, used with permission.

Midsummer in the Swan

Director: Beth Lopes
Stage Manager: Penn Ross Jackson
Lighting Designer: Stacie Marie O'Hara
Costume Designer: Katie Wilson
Sound Designer: Matt Glenn
Scenic/Props Designer: John Iacovelli
Assistant Director: Michelle Ditto

In 2011, UC Irvine's drama department began building an Elizabethan-style outdoor venue called the New Swan Theater. The New Swan emerges each summer for a summer festival of plays by Shakespeare and others. In the summer of 2013, Beth Lopes directed a version A Midsummer Nights Dream set in and around an east-coast prepertory school. Lopes' world consisted of four lovers who attend the school, a headmaster and headmistress of the school, a group of rag-tag staff workers who put on a play, and the stone gargoyles atop the building who come to life at night to make mischief.

The modern setting, quick wit, and multiple locations invited me as sound designer to enhance the environements as well as the pace of the show. I was able to present my ideas in reheasal for the cast to interact with. It was a fantastic collaborative experience in which the whole team of actors, designers, directors and stage managament truly shined.

Sounds from the Show

Opening Radio Sequence

A storm has been brewing throughout the preshow. As the audience sits down, Theseus sits down and scans his radio, affected by the severe weather, until he lands on a story about his school.

A Stone Fairy Awakens

As night falls, Puck awakens with thunderous cracking of stone.

Dance - "Rock the Ground"

Oberon, having removed the spell of the love potion from Titania's eyes, awakens her and invites her to dance in celebration.

Puck's Puppetry

Puck kicks off the second act of the show with by leading the lovers in dance of confusion and fear. Lysander and Demetrius, enraged at one another and ready to fight the other upon sight, follow each others' voices—unaware that it is, in fact, Puck calling their names.