A deeply personal account of murder.

Director: Rebecca Spooner
Stage Manager: Seth Kaplan
Lighting Designer: Max Kaufman
Costume Designer: Corey Davis
Scenic/Props Designer: Eli Schlatter
Sound Designer: Matt Glenn
Assistant Stage Manager: Kate Uckele

Frozen traces the lives of three people involved with the case of the murder of a child: the murderer, the murderer's psychologist and the mother of the child. A series of monologues, with the exception of a couple of scenes where the characters meet, Frozen is a raw and realistic window into the true effects of such a crime.

The rehearsal process for Frozen was extremely truncated, and thus most of my design work took place within 2 weeks before the show opened. I used the opportunity to collect sounds that evoked, to me, a sense of a mental tundra—a freezing, lonely landscape in which nothing can grow. The show allowed for transition music and sound sequences, as well.

Sounds from the Show

Ice Clocks

A sonic sequence which carries us over a decade that passes before the next scene begins

Transition Music

A piece of transition music that I composed and performed on Ukelele.