Music © Nine Inch Nails and Nothing Records. I do not own any of the musical content. Used under fair-use, as part of a project for an institution of higher learning (the University of Michigan).

"Sound Re-Design: Batman Begins"

Dance: Amber Kao
Video editing, Compositing, Audio Mix: Matt Glenn
Music: "The Mark Has Been Made" from The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails (link)

For this project, the entire class was provided with the same footage of Amber performing a basic dance routine against a green screen. We were provided with multiple asynchronous takes from multiple angles. Our task was simply to create a cohesive piece in the tone of our choosing — no guidelines for style or musical material were given.

Nine Inch Nails' "The Mark Has Been Made" evokes a feeling of secrecy and the unknown to me, so I chose to manipulate Amber's fluid movements into a more rigid and sharp movement piece by incorporating sharp jump cuts and speed changes that match the percussion elements of the song.