The Digital Natives Project


A Festival of New Musicals

Artistic Director: Gary Busby
Directors: Jane Page, Myrona Delaney
Stage Manager: Stephanie Sintef
Asst. Stage Manager: Annie Jenkins
Asst. Sound Designer: Karli Blalock

The Academy of New Musical Theater (ANMT) is "a global community of writers, composers, producers, and actors who work together to create new musicals." For this production, the ANMT joined forces with the Digital Natives Project to create a compilation of musicals that explore human interaction with technology. The rehearsal environment was open and collaborative, allowing the students to explore and tweak the works based on their own experiences, and offering some students an opportunity to showcase their own creative work on the subject.

My duties as sound designer were divided between standard reinforcement of the voices and piano for the musical performances, creative sound design using a pallete of digitally-derived sounds, and composition of short interstitial music pieces to facilitate transitions between scenes.

Sounds from the Show

Power Up

The power-up sequence that kicks off the show.

Glitchy Transition Music

Three examples of music that I employed during certain scene transitions. Much of the material in these clips consists of processed recordings of various computer components. You will hear 3 examples back-to-back.

Smooth Transition Music

Another example of composed transition music that I used to cover a scenic transition.

Sound System Paperwork

Groundplan, section and signal diagram for the Digital Natives Project playback system.