Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson


Photos © Paul Kennedy, used with permission.

Populism, Yea Yea!

Director: Myrona Delaney
Music Director: Dennis Castellano
Stage Manager: Anne Hitt
Sound Designer: Matt Glenn
Scenic Designer: Andy Broomell
Lighting Designer: Kristin Neu
Costume Designer: Kaitlyn Kaufman
Sound Mixer: Kelsi Halverson
Sound Assistant: Matt Eckstein

Andrew Jackson is a rock-and-roll anti-hero for many reasons: his power-to-the-people message, his scandelous but devout love to his wife Rachel, or his reallocation of thousands of Native tribes. Alex Timbers and Michael Freedman dress Jackson in tight jeans and give him a microphone and a backing band in this farcical, punk-rock retelling of the life of our 7th President. Fast-paced, witty, bombastic, ADD, and emotionally raw, this is a highly modern perspective of history.

The show provided me with an ideal opportunity to tell a story through sonic timbre and sound effects design, in addition to my duties of reinforcement. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson challenged me to balance between the subtlety of the actors' performances with the magnitude of a rock show with a live band on stage.

Sounds from the Show

The Founding Fathers' Vogue Dance

The founding father characters in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson are potrayed as pompous, doilied, made-up sissies. This music underscored their entrance "dance".

Cheezy 80s Transition Music

Andrew has lost his first election. This music plays as 4 dancers cross the stage with placards signifying a time lapse of 1825-1828.

Sound Effects

At numerous points in the show, many characters are shot by impossible huge and fast arrows.

This explosion rings out on the button of the song "I'm So That Guy", as Andrew thrusts his rifle into the air."

Sound System Paperwork

Sound system paperwork package for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.