Sound Re-Design: Batman Begins

Video, plot content and music © Warner Brothers Pictures. I do not own any of the aforementioned content. Used under fair-use, as part of a project for an institution of higher learning (the University of California, Irvine).

"Sound Re-Design: Batman Begins"

Sound Design, Mix: Matt Glenn
Sound Design, Mix: Kelsi Halverson (link)
Music: Hanz Zimmer

Batman (Voice): Mark Caspary
Gordon (Voice): Blake Morris (link)
Rachel (Voice): Jade Payton
Cops (Voices): Matt Glenn, Blake Morris

This project challenged Kelsi and I to wipe the sound from two clips, assigned to us by our professor Vincent Olivieri, and replace all aspects with our own sound and music. The two clips assigned to us came from Batman Begins and The Third Man. Olivieri allowed for the use of pre-existing music. We chose to avoid composition, saving much-needed time and giving us the opportunity to focus on the ADR, foley, sound effects, and final mix for the two films.

Batman Begins provided us with a couple of major challenges. The chase sequence was edited without prioritizing an accurate, linear timeline (in other words, we cannot trace an exact pathway of the chase — bits of time are left out for the sake of momentum). We also knew that the soundscape for Batman Begins would be extremely busy with vehicles and music, and that the Tumbler vehicle that Batman drives needs to appear more powerful and more advanced than anything pursuing it. We decided the match the editing style and pick a specific sonic focus element for each moment—without this, the viewer would be overwhelmed with sound and lose the story.