A Very Potter Musical

Getting back to Hogwarts

Directors/Creators: Matt and Nick Lang
Music: AJ Holmes, Carlos Valdes
Sound Design (Preshow): Matt Glenn

In 2009, a group of theater majors at the University of Michigan created a staged musical parody using a mixture of plot elements from the Harry Potter novels. The production was part of the regular season of student-produced theater group Basement Arts, which gave me my first opportunities as a sound designer. In the past 4 years, the youtube video of the production has accumulated over 10 million views, partially because of the success of "Harry" actor Darren Criss in Fox's TV series Glee.

For the production, I had the opportunity to design a preshow speech cue that sets up the scene of the show with a voiceover by Hermione, featuring Joe Walker's screams as Voldemort. The cue, which does not appear in the Youtube Video, was played as the house lights came down in the theater performance.

Sounds from the Show

A Very Potter Musical - Preshow

The voiceover that plays as the house lights come down. Features Joe Walker as the voice of Voldemort. Hermione voice credit unlisted by request.