Angels in America Part I: Millenium Approaches


Photos © Paul Kennedy, used with permission.

The great work begins...

Director: Gavin Cameron-Webb
Stage Manager: Amanda Novoa
Sound Designer: Matt Glenn
Composer: Mark Caspary
Lighting Designer: Stacie Marie O'Hara
Scenic Designer: David Phillips
Costume Designer: Leanna Moore
Sound Assistant: Kelsi Halverson

Part one of Tony Kushner's epic, pulitzer-prize-winning drama dissects the lives of a diverse group of characters living in New York City during the Reagan-era AIDS crisis of the 1980s. The play comments not only on the horrors of the disease and its effects on the human body, but also on the bredth of responses to its presence — between individuals and between socio-economic classes.

Throughout part one of Angels in America the characters' experiences become less and less grounded in real space and time. It is when the characters drift from the earthly plane to a more cerebral, otherworldly space that the sound design became a strong storytelling opportunity. Working closely with composer Mark Caspary, sound and music became a strong indication to the audience of such departures from perceived reality.

Sounds from the Show

The Angel Arrives

As Prior Walter's world seems to crumble, the Angel hurtles to earth and crashes through his wall in a splendid reveal.

Prior's Dream

Act III begins as Prior, sick and mentally distraught, dreams of the voice that titillated him in the hospital.

Sounds of 1980s New York

A surreal exaggeration of a subway train passing by.

The atmosphere of the Bronx at night, underneath a highway overpass.

Sound System Paperwork

Sound system paperwork package for Angels in America.